• Wrap a standard pallet in as little as 45-60 seconds.
  • Wrap 200 to 300 pallets on a single battery charge.


ROBO-WRAPPER Technical Specifications


  • Production Speed: Up to 30 LPH
  • Production Temperature Range: 41F-104F

Load Handling

  • Load Size: Unlimited diameter
  • Maximum Load Diagonal: Unlimited
  • Maximum Load Height: 110"
  • Maximum Load Weight: Unlimited


  • Film Delivery System: Power Variable Stretch (PVS)\
  • Standard Pre-Stretch: Variable to 400%
  • Wrapping Force: Load Cell
  • Standard Film Width: 20"
  • Automatic Film Cut: Standard
  • Automatic Film Break Alarm: Standard
  • Load Height Detection: Infrared Photocell detects dark, clear and reflective products. Eliminates false reading of
    gaps in loads.

Safety Features

  • Emergency Bumper with Dual Sensors: Standard
  • CE Compliant: Ye s
  • Anti-Fall Device: Standard

Service Requirements

  • Charger Requirement: 110VAC / 1ph/60Hz ( + / - 10%)
  • NEMA 12 Enclosure: Standard
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Variable pre-stretch allows you to adjust machine to get the best containment and the best economy from every film on every load.
  • Encoders on the roll carriage’s dual motors provide complete control of pre-stretch and containment force.
  • Roll carriage features an automatic stopping device to prevent accidental falls.
  • Emergency stop bumper with dual sensors detect the slightest resistance and automatically ends cycle on contact.
  •  "QLS” (Quick Load System) allows for safe, quick and easy film loading.
  • High-frequency battery charger for 110V to 240V. Works with both acid and gel batteries.
  • Unit can be relocated manually, without power, using the idle wheel feature.
  • Manual towing controls provide maximum comfort and allow for precise positioning of the robot
  • Guide wheel height can be adjusted easily, without the use of tools.
  • View Stretch Films