POWERGARD is truly the first stretch film specifically designed for the fully automatic and semi-automatic power-assisted pre-stretch systems. A uniquely developed blend of resins is cast co-extruded to provide the highest yield characteristics in the industry. In addition, and unique to any other film available, whether you're stretching 80% or 280%, POWERGARD will maintain the same holding force to ensure your load's safe arrival.


Why Stretch Wrap?

  • IT'S ECONOMICAL - Pallet loads can be securely unitized at a minimal cost.

  • IT'S VERSATILE - Wrapping can be done manually, semi-automatic, or fully automatic (operator-less) with one size roll.

  • IT'S EFFICIENT - Stretch Wrap machinery uses less energy to operate.

  • IT'S EASY - Most equipment requires very little training or maintenance.

Product Listing
  • Gauges Available: 120, 100, 90, 80, 70, 60, 50
  • Widths Available: 20" and 30"
  • Additives: UVI and VCI
  • Colors: Clear, Black, White, and Tinted Colors
  • Netting: 20" X 10,000'
  • Top Sheeting: 60" X 60"
  • Anti-Blocking (One-Sided Cling)